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Did you know that Tanzania is a wine making country? Well, the continent’s leading wine producer is South Africa, but Tanzania’s wine growing sector has been growing in leaps and bounds. Tanzania’s Dodoma wines have come into their own. Dodoma Wine takes it’s name from the city’s municipality where the vines are grown, and now Dodoma wine is ranked in the top five in Africa. Today there are three major wine companies, Tanzania Distillaries, Dodoma Wines, and Cetawic Tanganyika Vinyeards which produce dry white, red, and natural sweet wines. Africa also makes wine from fruits, such as mangoes and banana.


Africa Sasa can bring you on a winery tour, or bring the wine to you on safari. Either way, you can taste the elegance and unique character of African wine on your journey.



Africa Sasa puts custom tours together for your safari, trek or vacation. We work with all the lodges, camps, etc., that you’ll see here in these pages. But use our enquiry form to get started, and our consultants will be able to give you various personalized tours that fit your budget and your dream African adventure. We are all about personalized, unique service, and we offer safaris and treks you’ll find nowhere else in Africa.
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