Tansy Aspinall and the mountain gorillas

At Africa Sasa we like to inform our clientelé about wildlife in East Africa. In this modern world, we tend to feel disconnected from the wildlife around us, but we are an integral part. It’s amazing to see how close we really are, and how these precious creatures are very much like us.

Tansy is the eldest daughter of maverick conservationist Damian Aspinall, and the gorilla she is cuddling is Djalta, one of the animals she played with as a child at Aspinall’s Howlett Wild Animal Park in Kent.

During their embrace they rub noses, share kisses and sniff each other in a deep animal ritual. The bond is clearly strong – and made even more remarkable by the fact that this was the first time they’d seen each other for 12 years, after Djalta was returned to the wild in 2002.

Here is the inspiring story of Tansy Aspinall’s reunion in Africa with her gorilla friends.


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