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Meet Our Team

Our dedicated and professional staff are at the heart of everything we do here at Africa Sasa.  Many have been with us for years, and we consider all to be part of Africa Sasa family. We offer a unique vision at Africa Sasa, and we want you to know us personally. Allow us to make just a few introductions:

Wilson Bagira:
Managing Director

Wilson’s experience in Tanzania and East African Countries is immense, and he is a staunch supporter of wildlife conservation, as well as promoting photographic tours and appreciation of Africa.  Wilson is also very supportive of local artisans, musicians, and the cultural heritage of East Africa.  Through the safaris you might encounter with Africa Sasa, you will notice that much care is given to leaving no footprints, and caring for locals through trade and services to our clients.  Beyond a fabulous vacation, you will learn much about the culture, and have the opportunity to come home with art, and music from the region you have visited.

Wilson makes sure that there are plenty of videos, audio recordings, and photography from Africa Sasa’s side, and we consider each safari or trek a unique documentary. Because it is! This is an adventure of a lifetime, and Wilson will make sure that you return with much more than you bargained for.

Beyond just a vacation of a lifetime, Africa Sasa is committed to documenting the trip, making sure your trip makes sense and is in harmony with the outdoors and animals you will encounter. Wilson supports the African Wildlife Foundation, and Africa Sasa supports the cause of conserving the incredible diversity of Africa’s natural resources.

Rich Reardin
Director / USA

Rich Reardin manages Africa Sasa media, trip consulting, and the USA office. He brings a unique set of talents to the Africa Sasa experience. Rich has a long background in the outdoors, being a mountaineer and photographer. Rich maintains the Africa Sasa website, media, and coordinates the safari’s and trek’s multi-media data into ‘mini-documentaries’ that our clients can take home with them.

Rich is a staunch supporter of wildlife, and is also a radio producer, producing and co-hosting a US based radio show called “Inside Outdoors”, which talks about local, national, and international topics about the natural world. Rich is also a recording engineer, and has built 4 recording studios in his lifetime. Focusing now on multi-media, Rich is making sure that the music and culture of Tanzania is supported through recording and promoting the arts and music, as well as supporting and promoting the conservation of wildlife and Africa’s natural resources.

Rich will consult with you about your trip, and how best to integrate your own interests in photographing your journey, and how best to visit places where you can return with an incredible documentary of your vacation. Also what you can do to help protect Africa’s bright future.  We integrate all photos and videos taken on your safari or trek, and create a final product for you to cherish for years to come. This is included in your package.


Mr. Sam Blango
Managing Director

Seccom Foundation
Seccom International Group

Mr. Sam Blango is the Managing Director of Seccom International Group, LLC. Mr. Blango’s foundation supports many African projects, works with us to arrange travel to wherever you want to go in Africa. His network includes many offices in African countries.

Seccom International Group

Seccom International Foundation



Rhonda Rose Aaron Mchunga
Operations Manager
Our mission is to ensure that the guest is happy with our services and not inconvenienced in any way. The emphasis is on personalized service, starting right from the point of entry. The guest has to be received with a meet & greet board, followed by briefing and reconfirmation of the return or onward journey.

On safari, we are constantly in touch with the driver-guide or the hotel/lodge the guest is staying in, just to make sure all is in order. After the tour, the guest is met again by the operations and field staff, debriefed and seen off.

We have a fine team at Africa Sasa. All are well trained, holding high qualifications from some of the most reputable tourism training institutes in the world.



Ben Shegesha:
Safari Driver Guide

Ben brings an extensive experience to every Africa Sasa safari he leads. Bon in Kagera North western of Tanzania near a fresh water Lake Victoria, Ben has been in the tourism industry as a guide for about two decades now. His resume reads like a catalogue for Tanzania’s most prestigious wildlife related educational institutions, including the time he spent working in the Tanzania National Parks as a park warden and anti poaching programs in the country.
With Ben on Safari each day is new, it is never boring.






Ombeni Remtula:
Safari Guide

Ombeni was born in Arusha district where all our amazing Tanzania Safaris commence. Coming from the Maasai tribe of pastoralists, his grandpa was an explorer, and took Ombeni with him on wilderness expeditions. Since that time Ombeni became passionate about spending much of his time in the wildness. When he was younger he managed to learn bush skills and understndd all the animal tracks and behaviors from his beloved grandfather. But this wasn’t enough for him, he went on to join the Wildlife College to learn more about natural history and science, camp management, outdoor leadership, ecology, birds, and guiding skills in a professional tour guide school for two years.
For many years he worked for various companies in Tanzania as a guide and currently works with us at Africa Sasas. Right now Ombeni has a renowned intensive training on savannah ecology, birds, geology, botany, first aid, psychology, and guiding skills whereby he became one of the “top guides” of our company.



Behost Kyara
Mountain Guide

Behost is one of our longest serving Kilimanjaro and mountain trekking guides. Born in Marangu, on the mountain’s lower slopes, Behost have been guiding Africa Sasa trekkers safely up this amazing mountain since 2003, and he has reached the summit over 200 times.

I would like to inform you that there is much history and traditional to our mountain. It has been at the centre of chagga culture for centuries and climbing it is about so much more than simply reaching the top.

“We will work with you to provide the most scenic and relaxing holiday experience possible. Once you are settled, our staff will give you a briefing on what to expect during a safari or mountain climbing. We will continue to be available to assist you throughout the duration of your visit.






Lewis Changufu
European Office Manager

Lewis Changufu is a UK based Internet Marketer. He was born in Zambia, but has spent most of his adult life in the UK.
Lewis’s father owned a safari company in Zambia, and that’s where his passion for travel, wildlife, and connecting with people from all over the world came from.
If you’re based in the UK or Europe, please feel free to connect with Lewis, and help you put a design a holiday that’s personalized to you.
Lewis believes in building long last relationships with people “Book as client today, and leave as friend at the end of your holiday”.






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