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Stargazing at Africa Sasa

Skywatchers wanting to experience some of the darkest skies anywhere in the world have a new dream destination-  Africa.

At Africa Sasa, we want to point out all the amazing things you’ll see on safari, and one of the most stunning, but forgotten by some, is the night sky. We like to call it ‘Astro-Tourism’.

My maintaining the pristine nature of the environment, tourists can witness celestial majesty that they have lost in their home countries because of light pollution. Throughout Tanzania and East African countries, the sky is so dark that you will see stars like never before. Tanzania now holds some of the best dark sky star watching on the entire planet.

We in Africa, and in particular in Tanzania, are fortunate to have fewer lights and thereby, very dark skies. The map of the world at night from space shows how much of the land surface is carpeted with light in the developed countries. Such places are so lighted that in the night view from a satellite, it is easy to see the boundaries of those countries!!

At Africa Sasa, we can provide you with what we call a Star Gazing Safari. You’ll see shooting stars, millions of stars, galaxies, and it’s fantastic to relax at night and enjoy the wonders of the dark skies after a day’s pleasures watching exotic game and other natural wonders.

When large open premises are lit, their lights will have to point almost horizontally. In this case there is a need to shade the top of the light so that no light leaks upwards and is in fact reflected back towards the ground where it is needed.

Any light that leaks upwards into the atmosphere causes light pollution. Though air is mostly transparent, some light is always scattered back towards the ground, especially when there are clouds and where the atmosphere is already polluted with smoke and dust. In such skies, when there are huge numbers of lights leaking upwards, the whole atmosphere can become practically bright as day. We call this “light pollution”, since it destroys the darkness of the skies above us, and except for the Moon and a few very bright planets and stars, it will prevent us from watching most of the wonders of the night skies.

As you can see, Tanzania offers some of the best dark sky territory in the entire world. Particularly because much of Tanzania is not jungle, but grassland with a big sky horizon. So the Serengeti is one of the most pristine and beautiful places to see the night sky anywhere on Earth.

Africa Sasa represents this great area of the world, and we know it’s secrets. Consider talking to us about a Star Gazing Dark Sky Safari! It can happen with all the accoutrements of a regular photographic safari, so you can watch wildlife during the day, and star gaze at night!

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Happy star gazing in some of the darkest night skies in Africa- in Tanzania!

For more information about how you can help preserve dark skies around the world, please visit:
 The International Dark Sky Association


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