Mt. Kilimanjaro Tours


We are Tanzania specialists – this is all we do. Mountaineering is our specialty, and our guides know what they are doing. Every hiker, climber, and mountain enthusiasts bucket list includes Mt. Kilimanjaro, and we can take you there! Whether it be a climbing expedition, or simple day hike, our experienced guides will help you reach your goal.Routes and itineraries are well planned to get the most out of every trip but we remain flexible and can adjust the trip according to your needs.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano, with three volcanic cones, ‘Kibo’, ‘Mawenzi’, and ‘Shira’. Rising 16,000 feet (5,895 meters) from it’s base, it is a sight you will never forget.  Most mountains that you’ll see around the world do not appear so big, because by the time you start climbing, you are already at a great height. To see a mountain that rises 16 thousand feet from it’s base is just astounding, and it’s total height is 19,308 feet (5,885 meters).

In 1991 the park authorities made it compulsory for all climbers to sign up with an agency. We are in good standing, and we will provide you with a crew, including a guide, assistants, cook, and porters if needed.  Kilimanjaro is not a ‘climbing’ mountain. You will not need any major climbing equipment, it’s more like a very long hike. However, it is extremely high in altitude, and many experience some form of altitude sickness. So this must be considered in your training, and we suggest that you do so before attempting the climb.

All in all, we have the knowledge, and experience to make your trek as comfortable and memorable as possible.

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