A Typical Day on Safari

A Day in Africa

Life on safari has a rhythm of its own, largely dictated by the animal’s movements. Generally, the most rewarding times for game viewing is in the cooler early mornings and also late in the afternoons when the animals are most active. A typical day on safari will vary depending on the camp or lodge you’re staying at as well as your itinerary of course, but will include early morning and late afternoon game drives, with time during the hottest part of the day to relax in camp or Lodge.
Lunch is normally served at midday depending on your itinerary

Out on Safari your guide will assist you to plan each day, telling you about the area, and the various options on offer – whether you would prefer to be walking, game viewing, enjoying some quiet bird watching, go for ‘sundowners’, or just spend some time relaxing on your verandah, taking in the stunning African views.
Your guide will be able to teach you about Kenya or Tanzania, the history, traditions, the  wildlife and its ecosystem. All guides speak English and they will share with you the beautiful wilderness areas and will take care of your safety and comfort.
The best times for viewing animals are in the cool hours of the early morning, and late afternoon.

 An example of a typical Day on Safari
While every day is different, here is what a typical day on safari might be like.
6:00 am      As the sun rises, you are awakened by the sounds of birds from the background or a gentle work up call from the reception.  “Jambo, jambo, jambo!  Morning, morning, morning!”  Two minutes later your butler delivers coffee or tea and homemade cookies to your verandah where you can leisurely sip your beverage watching the bush come alive for another exciting day.

7:00 am:
Make your way to the dining tent/restaurant where a delicious continental buffet breakfast awaits you, various exotic fresh fruits, delicious pastries or cakes, muesli, yoghurt to name but a few.  Followed by a hot menu of your choice, eggs Benedicts, salmon and feta omelet, smoked bacon with chicken sausages and more.  Fresh ground coffee tops off the breakfast feast.

7:45 am:
Vehicles prepped and cleaned ready for boarding. Your personal guide will be taking you on your adventure in your 4 x 4 safari vehicle. Stopping to experience each new animal. Plenty of time to frame the perfect shot and your guide explaining in detail interesting new facts about each animal. This morning we find giraffes, Cape buffalo, sleeping lions, and a pair of hunting cheetah.

9:30 am:
Slowly driving through the bush we come across a natural watering hole and a pair of strutting crowned cranes proudly displaying their beautiful feathers.  In the distance we see Wildebeest and Zebra grazing, or Rinocerous, while a solitary Ostrich wanders by the vehicle in front of us.  It’s the perfect setting for a mid-morning snack of coffee, tea, scones and walnut cake.

12:00 pm:
After a morning packed with game viewing, we stop for a fully catered buffet lunch spread out under the shade of an enormous acacia tree. Tablecloths and crockery, ice cold white wine and chilled Kilimanjaro beer with sumptuous lunch of savory smoked chicken wraps with rocket and tomato, beetroot and feta salad, freshly baked rolls, mango and apple tart and fresh fruit to fortify us to continue our quest for the Big Five.

2:30 pm:
Game drive back to camp/lodge for an afternoon siesta. Relax on our verandah, some with a book and others just watching the game occasionally wandering by our tents.

4:30 pm:
A wake up call.  Chocolate brownies, salami and olive bites with iced coffee and Masala spiced tea set up on the dining verandah for a quick snack before departing for a late afternoon game drive.  We find a herd of elephants of all sizes, and we marvel both at the intimidating fierceness of the matriarch as she tears limbs from trees and the gentle way she communicates with her peers, touching each other with their trunks.

5:30 pm:
Stop at Ngong Rock in the Kopjes and climb to the top for an amazing panoramic view of the savannah.  Break for hors d’oeuvres and ice cold cocktails and watch the stunning sunset.  Chairs are unfolded so the moment can be experienced to its full beauty. And upon departure, we spot a rhinoceros!

6:15 pm:
Driving back to camp at dusk we disembark the vehicles and make our weary way back to our tents where a lovely hot hand delivered shower await us. Relax a little and get ready for a well-earned and much anticipated dinner.

7:00 pm:
As we gather around the roaring campfire with a Masai blanket and a favorite beverage brought to us by our friendly waiters, we relive the day’s events, sharing stories and comparing photos.  The guides entertain us with tales from the bush.

7:30 pm:
Dinner is served.  The table has been set up outside under the stars and we dine by candlelight, lanterns surround us and light our pathways.  The sound of the African night is all around us, exciting and scary but safe in the hands of the camp staff and guides. In the not-so-far distance we see the glowing eyes of passing hyena and hear the low mum of the herds of wildebeest on the plains.  Menu:   Sundried tomato and basil soup with garlic croutons, slow roasted stuffed chicken breasts, with croquette potatoes, blanched broccoli, fresh-baked bread, and an indulgent passion fruit mousse. Coffee and liqueurs finish off the relaxed evening.


10:30 pm:
Shown to our tents by our guides and our Massai maitre’d following the light of the lanterns along the pathway to our tent, we wearily retire to our king sized beds with down filled duvets and mosquito nets.   As we switch off our lights we can hear the whooping cries of hyena or the occasional distant roar of a lion, while tucked away in the security of our tent, nestled in luxury, with nothing but canvas between you and the African skies.

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